Alex Maritime & Technical College Bangkok


Alex Maritime & Technical College Bangkok (formerly Alex Maritime Training Center Bangkok) is governed by Alex –Aryavart Group (established since 1999). An international Maritime group. This group is well known for its sincere, lawful and having hardworking expert team in maritime industry. Alex –Aryavart Group has established a worldwide network of surveyors/ distributed through out the major ports of the world.

Having seafarer  training &certification offices/centers and vessel registration /Survey & Inspection office in countries like Thailand, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh ,Vietnam, Hongkokng,Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia , Srilanka, Singapore, African Countries and still goes on as per the demand of the maritime authority and the ship owners/managers.

Its means the Alex- Aryavart Group is within your reach at any time and any corner of  the world. The door of this Group is widely opened and perfectly ready for everything you have ever wanted and more about all requirements in Maritime industry.

AMTC BANGKOK was established to promote flag ship registries as per the requirements of ship owners /Manager and to give maritime industry well trained sincere seafarer with valid certifications in less period of time. Since then it is reaching new heights in providing best seafarer training & certification. Their by bringing the attached flagged maritime authority more and more popularity.

Seafarers /Cadets trained and certified at AMTC are very much successful in handling the merchant vessel or maritime industry related job very efficiently. They are basically practically trained on merchant vessel managed by Alex –Aryavart group of ship management companies.

Over the years, Thailand has developed into a global hub port and leading International Maritime College .AMTC BANGKOK has played vital role by providing expert seafarers for various maritime filed.

We bring to our campus a wonderful and diverse cohort of international seafarers. Here one can find people, programmes and ideas that create an environment for learning unlike any other .we hope to shape the future through innovative means-the expertise seafarer and the maritime industry.

We are proud to be at the helm of AMTC.

We invite you to explore our AMTC BANGKOK. We appreciate your interest and we hope you will visit us often on the internet or in Person